unicorn hand puppet kit to make yourself

unicorn hand puppet kit to make yourself

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Unicorn puppet making kit for you. Colours and fabrics will vary , All necessary tools are included including needles and cotton with ready cut fabric.



There is a choice of two puppets , they are both unicorns. but one is a simple horse style unicorn , the other is a fish style unicorn with  fins and a bulbous head.

 you have to choose , The colour and fabric of your  unicorn wiill vary and has nothing to do with the creature you choose. some are fluffy , others plain. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE IN MATERIAL  because ALL of Jill's work is upcycled preloved fabric , there fore it is pot luck what you get.  ring if in doubt please. 07754950939 .


Puppet is TO BE MADE WITH CONSTANT ASSISTANCE OF A COMPETANT ADULT   Take care when using needles and scissors. Scissors are not provided nor are pins, it is advisable to use dressmaking pins to hold your puppet pieces still and together for sewing.. it is good for youngsters to complete such a ready cut project but may require some adult intervention and possibly support in order to complete the task.


If a number of kits are required i can do a slight discount depending upon the size of the order.


    this is a sewing task with a ready cut pattern . All pieces are included. One needs the ability to sew , tie good knots and trim waste on seams.


    it is possible to return this product if in the condition you recieved it. contact Jill 07754950939


    Free shipping in Uk if more than £3 customer has to pay extra cost to whereever.