Eco Friendly fire starter pads

Eco Friendly fire starter pads

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Eco friendly fire  starter pads made from waste Jute crafting materials , petroleum jelly swab and cotton thread bound. Even the thread is a waste product.


30 pads per package,  all packed and marketed from totally preloved materials ethically resourced in Malvern , Below the Malvern Hills.


It is recommended on the tin to keep these pads dry and away from flames as they contain flamable materials. Packaged mainly in tins. with recyclable wrapping.. No plastic.


Instructions for use are; It is advised to use 3-4 pads at the base of your fire pit, log burner or barbeque. Add small pieces of crumpled waste  paper and twigs or sticks to form a wig wam shape over the pile to help catch fire safely and swiftly.


You are asked to send feedback regarding use of the Fire Starters to Jill Peer please.



    Each pad is approx one inch dia. and bound with fine thread to save on ash. The total ingrediants are Jute, Vaseline and thread simple and sweet.


    I have asked for feedback on this product as it is new on the market at this time of public attention to waste and the environment.  Living out of doors to be sociable and meet ones family in a safe place due to Covid restrictions.  Firelight is historically romantic and creates a good atmosphere. However if  the product fails you completely I am willing to replace it with a better more sturdy or robust model  but postal costs must be covered for this favour.

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    Only delivered in Uk at present , cost £1 per tin