Wish you were here.....

Well its been lonesome and blue here....but not as lonesome and blue as for some I know. We actually havent had the big nasty Covid illness.

I know a lot who have and still suffer and a lot of people who have had other serious illnesses due to the situation and being in danger when visiting a hospital for other reasons or unable to get any attention from doctors or nurses due to the Pandemic.

However its been gloomy and I havent even managed to get on here and do any blog...

But we ve been practicing our music skills quite successfully all over the house and on line with various groups and on Facebook mostly.. I hope you will or have visited us on our Weds, 8pm sessions.. so here is the link to find us and you have to scroll down where we should be found forever , or thats what I hope. https://www.facebook.com/jill.peer.3/

So please do go there now and take a look and a listen. and feed back your opinion or ideas on what we should do. We try to make it different each week and have done for over a year now with new songs every single week . We have hundreds to carry on with now.

So I hope to see you singing along side you at some pub or parkland soon.. Watch out for us do, or book us for a party. We' re not expensive and we re quite good and varied, so I am told. Ring 07754950939. I dont know why I never hear from anyone on this website.

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