Jill's Kits on sale. Make your own craft with help from an expert.

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Get a puppet kit from Jill

Young Lily at work on one of my puppet Kits. I understand from Lily's Mum that Lilly is quite famous here in Malvern so I am very lucky to have her work on one of my kits. Indeed she is a great model and a very keen seamstress.

So get your kit now and make your own puppet, from the Malvern Hills Gallery, 1 Worcester Rd, Malvern, WR14 4 QY . or direct from me , Jill M Peer.

Jill is there, in the gallery, in Great Malvern, at the top of the hill near The Unicorn Pub and Wetherspoons mostly on Tuesday mornings to chat to and arrange a personal discount if you are lucky.

Make your own puppet kit. Get it at the gallery or direct from Jill M Peer see more on instagram or Facebook more to come soon.

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