We're still singing our heads off on Face book

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

We' ve been singing on Facebook again tonight . Martin and I, so if you want to meet us you can go to my Jill M Peer page and see what we have been up to any time, it is September now following a horrendous Pandemic and therefore we , String Box, are still performing on Facebook most Weds nights. Also it seems the lock down situation and particularly in pubs and similar places are continuing through winter so that is a bit scary.Please keep watching my spaces.Thank you to all those who have supported and encouraged us for over 6 months now.

I HAVE to keep on playing my music i am addicted to it and i will speak more about this later on and also about ideas for Games Nights in Malvern .

Yes, friend, if you scroll down from my page on Jill M Peer you can see what we got up to for many of the weeks of Covid. As l said, "Thank God for Facebook!" meet all my lovely followers, one in Bandana,Texas! Staci thanks for all your dedication.

l did manage a few other videos, some on this site, if you peek around and you can see some ( not so many , sadly) on You Tube. More to come too when i can get them loaded. so keep looking. and please please give me a bit of feed back, Not had any to date. sadly.

I believe you can actually speak to one another somehow on this Wix account! Let me know if you do , Pease try it.

Yes we 've been recording each Weds throughout Covid and have made over 16 weeks of hourly programmes full of our songs and other material. Most l am told is very amusing.

I d love you to go see it and give me feedback.

Let me know how you get on. Please leave plenty of messages it is SO encouraging. and can be frustrating to organise. Jill

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