My latest project bursts into flames

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I have a contact who has an excess of fluffy jute waste from a healthy environment and simple source.

Well I' m never one to walk past this sort of thing, so as it is a jute / natural type of material

it wasn't long before l got creating.

So here l am introducing you to my new product - Fire starters! Sweet little humpy bumpy woven neatly, Burn brightly! Eco Fire Starters!

In some ways its a good old fashioned product but they do still sell chemical ones in the shops all the time and l find those smelly, not nice to use on a barbeque,

( impregnating my food with chemicals ! )

I have been studying the subject closely for a number of years when we light fires in the house, the garden and when camping. I cook by firelight all the time.. even make stews and pancakes on my fire out of doors.. Food is so much better cooked on a flame and out of doors too.

So these l am making now are made from pure preloved materials, with a tiny bit of Vaseline added and even the thread l use ( to hold them in place) is a waste product , as it is 'worn out unusable' thread from my sewing box waste bin ! Eco friendly!!!!

You can see my video on Face book soon, explaining how to do this.

During the old days when people smoked in bed it was well known that Vaseline had just the right properties to soak into soft flammable materials of the bed: sheets and blankets as we used to have in those days, and a smoker could easily create a house fire very quickly. Vaseline may be soothing to some peoples skin but it is flammable too!

So here is my mini bonfire to show and prove my idea works well.

l have a number of people testing out the idea for me already, in the next few weeks, and if you are keen to give it a go with your bonfire, barbeque or log burner, please give me a shout and join me. I am offering free tester packs in the next few months and the final pack l plan to package in upcycled tin cans to aid caution in the Malvern Hills Gallery and similar local places, where l hope to market them.

I have struggled with the idea of how to enclose to tops of the cans but want to keep resources for this ethical and easy. So again ideas are most welcome.

Sorry if my 'bonfire base' is a bit confusing to the eye! its an old project of mine, (A 'fairy foot step.') made from concrete and upcycled beads and pieces of glass. Handy for stepping round the garden plot and for trying out your Fire starters of course!

Most will be packaged in tin cans , another waste product, but others for mailing may have to be in boxes or old meat trays maybe to re-use another item of waste.

Almost ready to fly off the shelf. See you at the barbeque! or round the wintery fireplace.

Phone me if you wish on 07754950939 and see me on facebook Jill M Peer

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