Travel and play during Covid period.

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

During later part of the Covid period we have been fortunate due to the social groups we belong to and the area in which we live to be lucky and get some nice shots of the places we have visited including a friends lovely garden for lunch on a sunny day, social distancing all the way.

We did a little camping in Port Eyon in the Gower , Wales, where we found this lovely beach side cottage. This was, of course, after Wales was finally opened up to visitors and well worth the wait.

Some of my friends and family have enjoyed roaming over our local Malvern Hills, but with my poor walking ability l have been happy to produce pictures of the same hills. Maybe you'd appreciate a greeting card or image of such to grace your walls. Get in touch if so. Or make a commission soon.

This is an image from way back in time , well before Covid times when we used to meet in The Railway in to play music. Mind you with all the quiet lonesome practice l've had now my music has improved no end and l have really appreciated playing music with my dear old husband Martin each Weds night on Face book,, dont forget to take a look there,

But l miss these parties and sessions in pubs. Zoom is far less fun.

Young Lily at work on one of my puppet Kits during Covid lock down

Get yours and make your own puppet , from the Malvern Hills Gallery, 1 Worcester Rd, Malvern, WR14 4 QY . Jill is there mostly on Tuesday mornings to chat to and arrange a personal discount if you are lucky. You can choose from one of two designs and both are a type of Unicorn. So go and get one now.

They are also on sale at the Malvern Hills Gallery , 1 Worcs Rd in Malvern. Worcestershire.

I also offer Topnot dolly kits for those who prefer that. Blog to come soon.

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