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Well forgive me I hope you want to.... Though so far there havent been many people leaving messages about my blog.. as far as I know..

Well the loading of videos has been manic, because i decided for special reasons to use my own videos. I do have a book on sale on the shop here They Grownupb ( easy) Ukulele Song & Colouring Journey which i wrote in 2015.

It has 24 songs /poems and 24 drawings all by me for you to finish off.... well I hope some have been coloured in nicely.

I well remember making it as l had only been playing ukulele a few months when l wrote it,

It was a project to help me learn to play and the main reason that l did ever play the ukulele.

l wanted an instrument to help me to play and write my own songs. So thats what i got.

If you want to play let me know and get my book soon, I may have to print some more soon. Not many in stock now you see. They have sold well.

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